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Asesores Quintana Roo MLS is powered by Terminus Sistema Global. The Terminus MLS system is built and hosted by CoreLogic Matrix™ which is currently used by more than 750,000 users within Canada and the United States.
AQR MLS is the administration and support for the suite of products known as "Terminus Sistema" which includes the Terminus MLS, InteliDocs, InteliFirmas and InteliBox. The cycle of real estate work is complete using the suite of products, once uploaded to the MLS it syndicates to chosen website platforms and marketing platforms, connects with the online contract, signature system and lockboxes.
Experience the power of real-time market data.
A multiple listing service or MLS is a set of services that enables real estate professionals to establish a standardized method of syndication for real estate data, agree on commissions, and find suitable properties for potential buyers in an effective way. The most crucial assets of a “real MLS” is the capability of the system to “capture the data”. Uploading listings takes time, with an MLS you benefit immediately once you have uploaded the listing as it is then immediately available to all users and syndicated to the public. Brokers, Agents, Appraisers and Developers are able to generate many different statistical reports from the data generated. This data allows the members to provide many different reports to their buyers and sellers which in turn; allows all parties to make an informed decision faster, thus speeding up the real estate listing and sale cycle.
When real estate professionals have an MLS which provides to them so many benefits plus the data then are they truly able to provide the highest quality service to the public they serve. Without an “MLS Community”, individual sellers and real estate professionals are forced to work 10 times harder to promote their properties, find properties for their buyers and cooperate with ease and efficiency.
This Data is not publicly accessible and many only be accessed by real estate professionals who participate in the MLS. MLS listings do not include information that would endanger sellers' privacy or safety.

Product details:

Bilingual: Terminus MLS provides you with the ability to offer service in both English and Spanish. Agents can instantly switch languages at any time, from any screen.
Member Features: Based upon your role in the real estate industry, unique features are designed into your access. Sales Agents have up to 5 free URL links to their own MLS portal to promote. A free IDX is made available so members can instantly insert the MLS onto One website, all inquiries go to that member directly.
Developers: AQR MLS accepts Developers as members, which allows for their sales team to seamlessly integrate with the agents who are working the field to bring in buyers to purchase their properties. With the guaranteed commission agreements built in, developers can now easily offer their properties and manage their agent interaction and inventory with ease and efficiency.
Concierge and Auto Email: Matrix offers a variety of options when it comes to automatically e-mailing listings to clients. The "concierge" feature lets agents view and approve listings before sending them. After being notified of new matches, agents can approve or decline listings that meet their clients search criteria. The concierge style of email management provides greater control over listing data distribution, ultimately fostering higher client interest and satisfaction.
Advanced Statistics: Terminus MLS provides you with a variety of advanced reports and charting capabilities. With just a few clicks, virtually any statistic can be generated. Members can draw on historical data —including Sales, History or Listings— in order to forecast future trends using up-to-the-minute information. Trends and stats for real-time market activity can easily be generated. Statistical reports are made available based on the membership type and used by the members in order to better serve their clients, the public, buyers and sellers in making informed decisions. Appraisers access the MLS in order to assist in their duties to valuate properties based on market activity, retrieve historical data and prepare Comparative Market Analysis with pricing adjustments. The MLS provides Appraisers a host of built-in reporting and data tools which allows them to better serve their clients.
Search Builder: Terminus MLS includes a sophisticated search building interface. Searches can be added, removed, or modified immediately.
Report Builder: Terminus MLS employs wide-open flexibility for report construction and generation. Virtually any kind of report can be created, from custom flyers and comparative market analysis to statistics and print reports. The system outputs reports in Adobe® PDF format, making it easy for agents to view, save, and print the documents.
Display Builder: Terminus MLS includes an easy-to-use display builder that gives you control over all search result displays. With a simple drag-and-drop interface, the display builder makes it easy to format results in a variety of ways, including single line, thumbnail, abbreviated, and full search results. Changes are updated on the live system instantly.

Empower top-producing agents: By offering the latest in agent-driven features, AQR MLS helps you boost the utmost speed and functionality available in MLS technology.
Performance: Maximum speed is central to Terminus MLS. Built for performance from the ground up, the optimized system architecture allows agents to search, email, and operate the system faster than they have ever experienced before in Mexico.
Dashboard: The Agent Dashboard was designed to provide summaries of important information and single-click access to major program functions. Hot Sheets, Contacts, Market Statistics, Portal Activity and My Listings are just a few of the dashboard's many areas. By adding, removing, and rearranging individual dashboard elements, each user can customize their homepage to perfectly suit their specific needs and preferences.
Speed Bar: From listing records to agents and search shortcuts, the Speed Bar dramatically reduces the time required to perform searches of any kind within the system. Enter any value to immediately search across the entire system and across all table types. Easy-to-learn shortcuts make searching faster than you ever dreamed possible.
Carts: The cart functionality offers agents greater control over listing records. Users can drop listings into any client's cart from virtually anywhere in the system, and then easily view, email, map or print the listings at their convenience. This functionality provides a tidy way to work with multiple clients while navigating around Terminus MLS.
Design Tours: Design a custom tour with up to 20 stops, including a lunch stop to impress your clients! By bringing up the listings you would like to design a tour around you have the capability from the map page to design a Custom Tour by easily dragging and dropping properties in a row. 
Mobile: Matrix Mobile offers agents a quick and easy way to access the multiple listing platform while on the go. Built for simplicity and speed, Matrix Mobile directly accesses the Matrix system to provide a host of functionality. Full searching, photos, mapping, Speed Bar and listing carts are just a few of the included features. Phone, Tablet or computer.


  • Bronze Pack

    $ 44.99 USD / month
    • YESMLS
    • NOinteliDocs
    • NOinteliBox
  • Silver Pack

    $ 59.99 USD/mo
    • YESMLS
    • YESinteliDocs
    • NOinteliBox
inteliBox© (hardware) : $99.99 USD.




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