AQR MLS History

AQR MLS structure, governance, and authority were designed and approved during the 2014 Asociación Mexicana de Profesionales Inmobiliarios (AMPI) Cancun Board of Directors term in order to create an independent neutral third-party Multiple Listing Service administration to Real Estate Professionals and Associations in the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico.  Carefully crafted to assure each of the largest regions in the state was represented by MLS Directors, AQR MLS provides for inclusion, democracy, and transparency to the Real Estate Community. Committed to MLS members success by Rules, Regulations, Policies, Procedures and an Ethical Code of Conduct, AQR MLS provides MLS members with an array of documents they may use to assure their success in real estate.
Asesores Quintana Roo MLS is respectfully dedicated to the memory of Lic Juan Pablo Mirabent Pizarro Suárez, whose experience in leadership at AMPI and dedication to professionalism promoted the creation of AQR MLS as well as the real estate license and the Real Estate Law of Quintana Roo, to name some achievements.
The AQR-MLS goal is to : 
  • Provide full-time active Administration and Support via a neutral third-party regulating the usage of the platform 
  • Establish a regional MLS to increase the potential of business transactions between its members, while simplifying the due process. 
  • Achieve a Reliable source of information shared by the members who integrate within AQR MLS 
  • Protect privileged user data from outside sources 
  • Provide internationally recognized bilingual state of the art technology suite to Mexico
  • Promote AQR MLS to increase the value for MLS Member participants real estate firms, offices, agents, developers, and appraisers.



Provide the first Quintana Roo MLS to the Real Estate Industry professionals and the public to be used as a benchmark resource of reliable data. 


Organize and unify real estate professionals who represent professionalism, integrity, and cooperation into a statewide MLS that provides comprehensive and accurate data to better serve the real estate industry and the public.


MLS Directors 


Ana Beatriz Munoz Ruiz   
2013 AMPI Cancun President, REALTOR®, 2018 AMPI Consejera Nacional en la dirección Internancional, CancunTOP Inmobiliario.
Luis Arturo Mirabent Pizarro
AMPI member, REALTOR®, CEO eProperties.

Playa del Carmen

Horacio Lopez
CIPS, REALTOR® AQR MLS Director Representante de Inmobiliarios CANACO Servytur Playa del Carmen PlayaInn.
Adrian Gayosso
AMPI Ciudad del Carmen President 2017, REALTOR®, Duparc Realty.
Laura Zapata
AMPI Playa del Carmen President, REALTOR®, SeaView Properties.
Thomas Lloyd
REALTOR®, Top Mexico Real Estate.


Riccardo Garcia 
AMPI Cozumel Board member 2012-2017, Cedral Caribe REALTORS®


Roberto Rivas
AMPI Tulum President 2017, REALTOR®, ReMax Mayaland


Lic. Elza Varela Miranda
Vicepresidente sección inmobiliaria de CANACO Y SERVITUR Chetumal , AMPI Chetumal President  2013-2017, Mayan Sunset Chetumal Bienes Raices


Heidi Wosak
CIPS, REALTOR, MLS Administrator, Executive Director AQR MLS.
Lic. Adrian Ortiz Calero
Suplente Administrador, AMPI Cancun Treasurer, member, REALTOR®, CancunTOP Inmobiliario.





When you choose and AQR MLS Real Estate Professional to represent you in selling/renting or purchasing a property you can expect the following: 
- Provide you with real-time market information as to other verifiable properties available in the market. 
- Offer current and historical market insight with reports and automated emails.
- Your property offering once uploaded is then available immediately to all members and their websites.
- Assist you in deciding on the correct market price to list your property or to make a purchase.
- MLS Members adhere to AQR MLS Ethical Code of Conduct as well as an international Code of Ethics. 
- Professionalism, Cooperation, and Integrity to consumers and real estate professionals creating a healthy marketplace.