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AQR MLS Education & Coaching 
Available to all MLS members and real estate professionals online or in person at your office.

Here you will learn the MLS Essentials of Branding yourself as an MLS Subscriber and understanding the most important features and functions of an MLS.
These 3 Módulos allow you to quickly understand how to maximize your MLS Membership and use the MLS MEMBER LISTING KIT.   Módulos 1-3 can be held in succession at the same time or as scheduled. 

Módulo 1 :: MLS Essentials to Success
Duration: 45 Min

  • Navigate the MLS Quickly
  • MLS Real Estate Professional Branding -Account Setup
  • Customize Client Portal Notifications
  • Activate your Free MLS Website
  • Insert the MLS into an existing website
  • Link Point2 Homes websites with Terminus MLS Account
  • Master Searching in the MLS
  • ​Quick CMA & Statistics summary

Módulo 2 :: Master MLS Listing Upload and Social Media
Duration: 45 Min

  • AQR MLS Listing Kit – Everything an MLS Real Estate Professional needs
  • Uploading Market Ready Properties to the MLS -Learn how to enter a property into the MLS from features, descriptions and photos to receive more showings, offers, and results!
  • OPEN HOUSE – Scheduling Multiple Events Broker Only or Public
  • Social Media Sharing your MLS Listings
  • Social Media Sharing your Matrix MLS Website
  • Quick CMA & Statistics- Summary Review
  • Start an Offer from the MLS and send for signature with inteliDocs-Summary

Módulo 3 :: MLS Client Portal & CRM
Duration: 45 min

  • MLS Automatic Emails – THE #1 FEATURE used by all Matrix MLS users .. Don’t Miss It!
  • Automatic Registration of Clients
  • Reverse Prospecting – Connect with the agents who have clients for your properties
  • MLS Client Portal – One Place for Everything MLS. Clients Love it and Agents Love it!
  • Import Contacts & Begin Announcing Yourself as an MLS Professional
  • Generate Seller's Estimated Net Proceeds - 3 Scenarios based on List Price
  • Generate Buyer's Closing Costs

Módulo 4 :: CMAs - Comparative Market Analysis -For Sellers and Buyers

This is an advanced class reserved for MLS Members only and can be better utilized when historical data exists in the MLS.

  • Comparative Market Analysis -CMA Setting the Right Price & Making the Right Offer
  • Statistical Analysis Reports


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