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What is an MLS and how does it work?

A multiple listing service or MLS is a set of services that real estate professionals use to store and publish their listing data to other brokers and offer sales commissions. This allows for the creation of a database that can be used to find, manage and disseminate suitable properties for potential buyers in an effective way. Listing Agents and Buyers Agents love the MLS! The real estate professionals join and adhere to special regulations and procedures in order to build the database collaboratively, in an ethical manner, thus assuring data integrity and customer confidence. AQR MLS was created to administer and support the products of Terminus Sistema Global to the real estate community in the state of Quintana Roo.

Why should I use it? What problem does it solve for me?

MLS associations are created to supplement the real estate industry with relevant data. By participating in AQR MLS, you get access to a huge audience of potential buyers to which you can promote your listings, as well as a large and reliable pool of accurate data from other members in real time, which lets you amplify and diversify your offer and improve its quality.

How is AQR MLS different from other listing management services available in the area?

There is no service similar to AQR MLS in this area. Real estate professionals in Quintana Roo are currently posting their listings as a part of their job, but not receiving many benefits from the data they are uploading. Their current systems lack the infrastructure to adequately capture this data and the essential tools to be more productive by finding the right audience. AQR MLS greatly enhances communication for real estate professionals by providing up-to-date, complete and reliable information in a conveniently organized format, helping real estate professionals provide both to sellers, so they make more informed decisions on setting their list price, and to buyers, so they make more informed decisions on their purchase price.

When will it launch, and how much will it cost?

This is the national price set for the market, AQR MLS does not charge any additional money.
  • Bronze Pack

    $ 44.99 USD / month
    • YESMLS
    • NOinteliDocs
    • NOinteliBox
  • Silver Pack

    $ 59.99 USD/mo
    • YESMLS
    • YESinteliDocs
    • NOinteliBox
inteliBox© (hardware) : $99.99 USD.

How can I be sure my listing info will be secure and other brokers won't be able to "steal" my listings?

All of CoreLogic sensitive data is hosted in protected cloud servers and is subjected to periodic security audits to assure confidentiality and prevent unauthorized access to listings. For this reason Matrix™ has proven itself as a clear leader in multiple listing platforms and many of the largest real estate organizations in USA and Canada have selected Matrix™ above all others.

Your listing information is secure at all times, from the moment you upload it into AQR MLS until after the deal is closed. The complete security scheme includes creating and maintaining strong passwords, up-to-date virus protection, secure internal networks, secure communication with cloud servers, and sound information security policies.

Will I need to re-upload all my listings to this new system if I sign up?

Yes, this needs to be done as usual for any new MLS in the region. All listings are created in the MLS and then disseminated from there to your platforms, such as Point2 and others (to be announced).

How does AQR MLS integrate with the other services you offer?

AQR MLS is the base MLS system real estate professionals interact with during much of sales cycle, from the moment the listing information is published and promoted until the showing appointments are made, and also during post-sales service. But you don't have to stop there. What if you could swiftly create and send electronic documents and contracts for your listings, designed specifically for the Mexican real estate industry? What if you could also sign them electronically, anytime, on any device leveraging existing worldwide standards? What if you could open the doors with your phone in the properties you manage? With InteliDocs, InteliFirmas, and InteliBox you can escalate your business in an unprecedented way. All these products integrate and communicate with the MLS.

Search History: With AQR MLS, running a previous search is as simple as a single mouse click. AQR MLS automatically saves your recent searches—complete with a date/time stamp and the number of results—and displays them in a list conveniently located near the top of each page. Search History is the perfect time-saving feature for a busy agent serving multiple clients at once.

Concierge: AQR MLS offers a variety of options when it comes to automatically e-mailing listings to clients. The Concierge feature lets agents view and approve listings before sending them. After being notified of new matches, agents can approve or decline listings that meet their clients' search criteria. The concierge-style of email management provides greater control over which properties are sent to your client, ultimately fostering higher client interest and satisfaction.

Client Portal: With the Client Portal, agents can personally brand the information delivered to their buyers and sellers. Using the Portal’s split-screen technology, clients can more effectively manage listings by visually identifying where they are located on the map. The Portal also serves as a powerful communication tool by allowing clients to categorize listings according to their level of interest, as well as log conversation notes to and from the agent. Clients can further customize their Portal experience by creating and saving searches of their own. AQR MLS then provides agents with detailed client activity and Portal usage statistics. Check out the new Client Portal in AQR MLS 7.0.

Hit Counter: AQR MLS's hit counter functionality allows agents to track their clients' activity and interactions with the system. Every visit and click is recorded from anywhere the listings are promoted. Information such as the number of times a listing has been categorized as a Favorite, Possibility, or Discard is made available. The listing hit counter feature can be used to quickly and accurately gauge consumer interest in a new listing.

Reverse Prospecting: This feature facilitates agents getting in touch with each other for their clients' mutual benefit. Listing Agents more easily find other agents with buyers looking for properties like the ones they represent for sellers. Agents representing potential buyers become more aware of available properties matching their buyers' criteria. Reverse Prospecting is completely anonymous for your buyers. List agents are not given your customer names or contact information

. Hot Sheets: AQR MLS provides a broad range of Hot Sheet options and functionality. Agents can use a standard system Hot Sheet or create custom Hot Sheets to suit their unique needs. Change of status, price, dates, and a variety of other details can all be included in agent-customized Hot Sheets. This essential functionality keeps agents up to date on the very latest market conditions.

Comparative Market Analysis: A vital component of any multiple listing platform, the CMA module provides members with a sophisticated toolset for creating professional listings or buying presentations. Using the CMA Wizard, agents can personalize their report by uploading their own custom PDF pages, branding the front cover, and selectively including preloaded pages for use adding price adjustments to Comparables, plus a variety of other options for assembling a unique document tailored to the individual client. Users can save incomplete CMAs, and print or email final reports directly to the Client Portal.

Stats Generator: One of the AQR MLS's most sophisticated features, the stats generator provides agents with an endless array of statistical analysis options. Starting with a search of any kind, agents can generate stats for a specific market area, time frame, listing status... or the entire multiple listing databases! The system offers numerous preset reporting options, making it easy for agents to generate up-to-date statistical reports featuring attractive charts and graphs with just a few clicks. Advanced functionality allows for the comparison of virtually any two market stats on the same chart.

Mapping: Seamlessly combining search criteria, map, and results, the dynamic mapping feature lets users click, zoom, and pan while results update in real time, automatically grouping map pins into clusters when there are too many to display. Users can select listings from the result list or directly from the map for superior versatility. Bird’s eye view, street view, satellite view, and driving directions are just a few of the many display options available. Do you want to see only properties in certain areas, that are not close together? No problem, with custom design you can draw around the areas you’d like to see in your results, adjust criteria and view results in many different ways.

Map Layers: AQR MLS also offers a versatile tool for annotating the map. By stacking multiple Map Layers, users can combine different kinds of geographical information whenever it is available, such as Boundaries, Parcel Characteristics, Trends, Points of Interest, and more. Availability is based on the geographic data provided by Bing and/or Google Maps.

Listing Input: AQR MLS simplifies and economizes listing maintenance with an easy-to-use input wizard that automatically geocodes properties and allows the saving of incomplete records. With the AQR MLS Photo Manager, users can upload multiple images at once and then add an optional description to each. In addition to this, AQR MLS provides a Supplements control that makes the management of documents easier than ever.

Mobile functionality: AQR MLS offers agents a quick and easy way to access the multiple listing platform while on the go. Built for simplicity and speed, AQR MLS Mobile directly accesses the AQR MLS system to provide a host of functionalities. Full searching, photos, mapping, speed bar and listing carts are just a few of the features included.




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