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inteliBox Smart Lockbox


InteliBox - Smart Lockboxes



About InteliBox

Opening doors with your phone means more showings and sales.
This tool allows agents to show your listings when the time is right. No more mishaps from having to open a house at an inconvenient time. No more keeping the keys labeled in your office.
Now all your keys can be found in the lockbox at your listing, and you can let your listings sell themselves.

Product details:

More showings, more closings: The convenient and secure access to our InteliBox lockboxes allows you to show more properties more often and solicit timely feedback. Authorized showing agents can show property without the listing agent being physically present at each showing and without having to remember multiple codes for multiple mechanical lockboxes. 
Security: InteliBox is more secure than mechanical lockboxes. Every access is recorded and reported, so you can easily track who accessed each lockbox and when.
Advanced technology: By utilizing a state of the art web application, we provide even more convenient, safe and easy access to lockboxes. The app functionalities include instant notifications of new showings, secure viewing of access logs, easy renewal of access codes, generation of one-day codes, and automatic listing assignments.
One Day Codes: This feature allows for secure and reported access to your lockboxes for those who might not have a lockbox key. This could be an out-of-town agent, home inspector, appraiser, contractor or even a locked-out homeowner.
Do Not Disturb code: InteliBox can allow homeowners to use a “Do Not Disturb” code to schedule times when their home is not available for showing, therefore providing them with a sense of control and privacy.
Built to last: InteliBox meets the highest level of standards compliance of any electronic lockbox product on the market and has the most accreditations from recognized test laboratories, such as the Underwriters Laboratories (UL), the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS) and the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB).

Pricing and availability

  • Bronze Pack

    $ 44.99 USD / month
    • YESMLS
    • NOinteliDocs
    • NOinteliBox
  • Silver Pack

    $ 59.99 USD/mo
    • YESMLS
    • YESinteliDocs
    • NOinteliBox
inteliBox© (hardware) : $99.99 USD.