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Thank you for continuing to be an important member of the TERMINUS MLS community of professionals.
Access to the MLS is continuous which means, when you renew your subscription the term you are paying for starts one day after the product has expired and runs through the following 30-day cycle.

The MLS product packages start at $45.00 USD + IVA per month and may go as low as $35.00 USD  + IVA per month for members of AMPI and CANACO Real Estate Associations in Quintana Roo.

Please be sure to read and follow the instructions carefully, no refunds for mistakes made are possible and if there is no information for a factura, a factura can not be issued. 



1. Go to LOGIN with your Username and Password.

2. Need a Factura? First Select MANAGE PROFILE, fill out all of the necessary information, SAVE the changes in order to receive your factura.

3. Click on the BUY PACKAGES tab. There are 3 tabs on this screen.

4. Select the package you would like to renew; BRONZE, SILVER or GOLD

You may also upgrade at this time and select to purchase a SentriLock Bluetooth® REALTOR® Lockbox. 

5. Select the timeframe. Subscriptions may be renewed for 1 month, 3, 6, 9 or 12 months at one time. 

6. Select Recurring:
    YES  -
if you would like the system to automatically renew by charging the card you enter
    NO - if you do not want your subscription to automatically renew.
7. AMPI and CANACO members must Enter the Coupon Code into the coupon code field and click on the logo, the system will then recalculate to the correct price.


8.  Select CHECK OUT  A new page will populate where you will be asked to choose if you want to pay with DEBIT/CREDIT or PAYPAL.

9.  Select Your Preferred Payment Method and proceed to fill out the information required to initiate the payment. Follow the onscreen instructions to make the payment. Once completed, an invoice/factura will be emailed to you.



- If you would like to pay with a Credit Card / Debit Card that originates from a bank in Mexico, you mush register the payment in a Mexico Pay Pal account. The same applies for a Credit Card / Debit Card that originates from a bank in the United States or Canada, the PayPal account you use must match the bank country of origin. 
- If your registered credit card has expired or been closed, we will not be able to automatically renew your product(s).  To review and update your credit card information, log in to your account at click on the option to purchase the package and enter your new information in the billing section.


We’re here to help! If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact us. 


Pricing & Packages

  • Paquete Bronce

    $ 44.99 USD por mes
    • SIMLS
    • NOinteliDocs
    • NOinteliBox
  • Paquete Plata

    $ 59.99 USD por mes
    • SIMLS
    • SIinteliDocs
    • NOinteliBox
inteliBox© (caja de seguridad) : $99.99 USD
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