About InteliDocs

Create professional electronic documents in minutes.
InteliDocs is the first standardized suite of electronic assets designed specifically for the Mexican real estate industry.
Use InteliDocs to create and send legal documents and contracts specific to your clients, in a fast and easy way.

Product details:

Assets library: A full set of standard documents and contracts your organization can leverage in order to simplify the process of promoting listings while enhancing the experience of your clients at the same time. Choose from a variety of standard documents ranging from rentals to sales, complete the necessary data and you're done.
Portability: You don't need to install any new software to use this product. InteliDocs is a 100% web-based application and does not require any third party software to run.
Data permanence: Transactions within the system are stored for a period of 14 months.
Adaptability: You can create custom templates to create new documents, and custom clauses to create new contracts.

Pricing and availability

  • Bronze Pack

    $ 44.99 USD / month
    • YESMLS
    • NOinteliDocs
    • NOinteliBox
  • Silver Pack

    $ 59.99 USD/mo
    • YESMLS
    • YESinteliDocs
    • NOinteliBox
inteliBox© (hardware) : $99.99 USD.